The Theorem of Pythagoras in Physics

5 x Wednesdays commencing 16 November 2022
cost: $150 ( concession $120 )
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This course is an introduction to the application of mathematics to physics. We do this my focusing on the many applications of Pythagoras's theorem. Pythagoras's theorem is the first theorem in mathematics and it is astounding how frequently it appears in physics. It is fundamental to geometry, and much of our interpretation of the physical universe has a geometry foundation. Though, it also has non geometric applications in fields like quantum mechanics and the probability of states. Understanding Pythagoras's theorem and its many applications goes a long way to understanding the universe.
The theorem will be applied in solving real physical problems and if you wish there will be some exercises for you to do away from class.
The Theorem of Pythagoras in Physics compliments other courses presented at Sydney Observatory that do not included mathematics; Astronomical Concepts, Understanding Relativity and Understanding Quantum.
Classical Physics
The first evening we explore the foundations for the course. A proof is given for Pythagoras's theorem and we see how it is used in classical physics, in Newtonian physics leading on to concepts of momentum, energy and gas laws.
Einstein's Relativity
Relativity is based on geometry and Pythagoras's theorem is at the heart of special and general Relativity. From time dilation to why things fall in a gravitational field. Without Pythagoras's theorem there would be no relativity.
Quantum Probability
Quantum describes states as a complex number. The probability of the states is another application of Pythagoras's Theorem. Though the theorem is simple it leads to some complex and bizarre descriptions of how the universe of the very small functions.