HSC Relativity

4:00pm - 5:45pm
cost: $15 per student ( teacher free )

Book through the Sydney Observatory website or contact

A visual lecture designed to take the angst out of the relativistic equations for Higher School Certificate physics students. By explaining the theory from first principles, with unique animations, the true meaning of the equations can be understood. It is only when the theory is understood that a student new to the field feels confident in using the equations, and the solution to problems becomes self-evident.
The Axioms
The two principal axioms of special relativity are explained.
Using the axioms it is shown how the theory proved that time must run slow in anything that is moving relative to you.
The key that holds the fabric of space and time together.
Time Dilation
Using the axiom that the velocity of light is a constant time dilation is proved and the equations derived using interactive 3D animations.
Twenty minutes is set aside for a question and answer session where the students are encouraged to ask any questions related to relativity.
Telescope tour
Twenty minutes is also allocated for a visit to one of the observatory telescopes. The sky may not be dark so a view of something terrestial may still be possible.