Astronomical Concepts

8 x evenings 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday 26th February 2019
cost: $320 ( concession $260 )

Book through the Sydney Observatory website or phone 9217 0111.

An 8 week course on the concepts we use to describe the universe. From the planets, to the stars and the cosmos, a few simple concepts help explain much of what we observe in the universe today.
Astronomical Concepts introduces you to quantum physics and relativity, and applies them to the latest discoveries in astronomy. Aided with the latest in 3D stereo graphics the complex is made simple, and your understanding of the universe is given a new enlightened dimension.
An Introduction
An introduction to the course and astronomers' reliance on light. If the universe did not give out light we would not know it is there. Fortunately much of what is in the universe has a temperature and also radiates.
The Inner Planets
The Solar System is held together by one of the 4 forces in nature, gravity. We look at the planets near the Sun and how gravity defines them. We also explore two different descriptions of gravity.
The Outer Planets
The outer planets, comets and the formation of the Solar System. We examine some of the more subtle effects of gravity.
Light and Matter
Quantum Physics. How light and matter interact, and what this tells us about the universe. How is it that astronomers can tell you what a star is made of many thousands of light years away?
Sun & Stars
The life cycle of stars. From vast nebulae too white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes. A star is fueled by nuclear reactions. We see how this very unlikely reaction gives the universe light.
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity explained. The nature of time and space.
What are the current ideas of the cosmos? Astronomy is in a state of flux and uncertainty. What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter?