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Explore the latest astronomical discoveries and discover their significance. Presented using the latest 3D technology, gain insight into the importance of recent space missions, activities and discoveries in astronomy, including Cassini’s grand finale and its legacy, the latest from the Juno spacecraft, the possible discovery of intermediate mass Black Holes, Super Red Giant Stars, and more.
Cassini's legacy
Cassini has finished an astounding exploration of Saturn and its system. We look at waht Cassini found its last grand tour.
Juno at Jupiter
The Juno spacecraft is continuing to send back wonderful images and data from the Jupiter.
Intermediate Black Hole
Over the last couple of years observational evidence point towards the existence of intermediate size black holes. They also flash with a curious signal.
Imagining Antares
ESO has imaged the red giant star Antaries.
Neutron stars merge
One of the most significant observations over the last couple of decades has been the observation of merging neutron stars. Confirmed by gravity wave detectors.