Adult education evening courses in Astronomy, Einstein's Relativity and Quantum Physics held at historic Sydney Observatory. Presented by Dr Paul Payne using unique 3D stereo graphics. Complex concepts are made understandable through powerful visualizations. The courses take you from an introduction to the night sky to delving into the wonderful universe described by modern physics. The courses are free of mathematics except for " The Theorem of Pythagoras in Physics" and "HSC Relativity" .

Exploring the Heavens

An introduction to the wonderful night sky. Identify, and understand the nature of the planets, stars and constellations of the night sky. Learn which type of telescope is the one for you.
classes start again in 2019
cost: $190 ( concession $160 )

Astronomical Concepts

An 8 evening conceptual exploration of the universe. Light, Quantum physics and Relativity are introduced and applied to astronomy. We also examine the latest discovers and their significance. A few key concepts go a long way.
Dates available early in 2019

Understanding Relativity

A 6 evening introduction to Einstein's theory of Relativity. The slowing of time, the equivalence of energy and mass, and gravity are introduced using 3D graphics.
Dates available early in 2019

Understanding Quantum

A 5 evening introduction to Quantum physics. We explore the wave nature of particles, and how that lead to the uncertainty principle. We apply the concepts to the atoms, optics ,polarization and astronomy.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm
course date
1st & 2nd December 2018
cost: $190 ( concession $160 )

The Theorem of Pythagoras in Physics

Mathematics is the language of science. This course is an introduction to the application of mathematics in Physics. Pythagoras's Theorem applied to Newtonian momentum, Einstein's Relativity and the probability of states in Quantum Mechanics. Over 3 evenings we explore the many ways to interprete this ancient theorem.
Dates available later in 2019
cost: $130 ( concession $110 )

HSC Relativity

This is a single evening event to demystify Einstein's Relativity for HSC students. A 3D stereo presentation applies the two axioms of relativity to derive time dilation, lose of simultaneity and length contraction. There is ample time for students to ask questions and experience a brief visit to a telescope at the observatory.
4:00pm - 6:00pm or 6:00pm - 8:00pm
please make contact to book a session
cost: $15 per student ( teacher free )


Presented using the latest 3D technology, gain insight into the importance of recent space missions, activities and discoveries in astronomy.
date to be announced
cost: $40 ( concession $35 )