Understanding Quantum

5 x Tuesday evenings 6:00 - 8:30 commencing 18th July 2017

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An introduction to Quantum Mechanics. To help guide you into the realm of the very small the course is presented using 3D Stereo Graphics. The power of visual communication is used to make the complex mathematical models of quantum a little more comprehensible.

The Need for Quantum
The fundamentals of classical physics that are used throughout the course are outlined and the findings that led to its downfall.
The Bohr Atom
The first model of the atom that applied quantum concepts and provided a explanation for atomic spectra. A vital tool that helps explain much of what is seen in the universe.
The Uncertainty Principle
At the heart of the Quantum theory are waves, uncertainty and probability. We explore this and the limits the uncertainty principle places on nature.
The techniques used by quantum to explain many common optical effects, from the double slit to butterfly wings.
States and Entanglement
In Quantum we do not know the state of something until an observation. The state changes instantaneously over space. Spooky action at a distance.
A black hole seen in front of distant stars.