HSC Relativity

Day or evening sessions available.

Presentations at your School or Sydney Observatory.

for enquiries : paulpayne@relativity.net.au

A visual lecture designed to take the angst out of the relativistic equations for Higher School Certificate physics students. By explaining the theory from first principles, with unique animations, the true meaning of the equations can be understood. It is only when the theory is understood that a student new to the field feels confident in using the equations, and the solution to problems becomes self-evident.

The sessions are two hours in length. Cost : $15 per student (minimum total fees apply)

All motion is relative
Relative motion dates back to Galileo. A simple concept with huge implications.
The velocity of light is a constant
A light beam that passes you cannot be caught. It will always recede from you at a constant velocity no matter how hard you try to catch it.
The key that holds the fabric of space and time together.
Time Dilation
The effect of the Special Theory that everyone has heard about. Time travel is possible.
Loss of Synchronicity
Synchronized swimmers are not synchronized for everyone.
Length Contraction
As things approach the speed of light they approach zero length in the direction of motion.
An opportunity to ask questions and explore the theory.