Astronomical Concepts

next course to be timetabled for September 2017


An 8 week course on the concepts we use to describe the universe. From the planets, to the stars and the cosmos, a few simple concepts help explain much of what we observe in the universe today.

Astronomical Concepts introduces you to quantum physics and relativity, and applies them to the latest discoveries in astronomy. Aided with the latest in 3D stereo graphics the complex is made simple, and your understanding of the universe is given a new enlightened dimension.

An Introduction
An introduction to light and the cosmos.
The Inner Planets
The planets nearest Sun with an emphasis on gravity.
The Outer Planets
The outer planets, comets and the formation of the Solar System.
Light and Matter
Quantum Physics. How light and matter interact, and what this tells us about the universe.
Sun & Stars
The life cycle of stars. From nebulae too black holes.
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity explained. The nature of time and space.
What are the current ideas of the cosmos? Astronomy is in a state of flux.